Thursday 3/24 plans

Hist 298 Thursday, 3/24

Sellers, Spring 2016


Remember we’ll be meeting in DTLT’s Incubator Classroom (Hurley Convergence Center 407) for today’s class, to work on portfolios for your Domain. We will discuss taxonomies, menus, tags, portfolios, and plug-ins like JetPack. If you’d like a preview of some of what we’ll be tackling, see


To facilitate this work (and yes, the portfolio is a required element of your digital work for this semester), please bring a laptop/tablet to work with, as well as several items to put into your portfolio:

  • sample work from at least two different classes
  • at least one PowerPoint or non-Word-document work you’ve produced
  • and a resume.


In preparation for class, please also read the brief articles about digital identities below—I promise, they won’t take you long. As you read, think about what types of materials you could share on your domain to bolster the identity you wish to present, and as evidence of your academic and professional achievements.


The two readings that follow are focused on LinkedIn, but the suggestions they make need not be limited to LinkedIn itself. Think about how these basic principles apply to your own individual domain; what advantages there are to maintaining your own domain; and whether, given the option, you would link your domain to social media profiles, and if so, which ones. (this is 2 pages—make sure you click “Continue” at the bottom of the first page)


*Optional, but may be interesting/useful if you already use/are interested in using LinkedIn:

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