Some of the documents linked below are password protected because they contain material that is copyrighted, or because they contain work I prefer to not yet make publicly available.

I am working with a series of documents related to the 1667/8 rape trial of Nangenutch, alias Will, a Montauk Indian on Long Island. The documents I’m studying can be found in The Administrative Papers of Governors Richard Nicolls and Francis Lovelace, 1664-1673, New York Historical Manuscripts: English, vol. XXII, edited by Peter Christoph (1980).

For Hist. 298: History Practicum, I am posting/sharing my work that parallels that of my students. In the event I’ve uploaded a document, it will likely be password protected, but other work I will share directly in blog posts on this website. You can find my Topic Choice Worksheet and Primary Source Analysis essay in the blog posts. I’ve uploaded my sample Proposal and Bibliography, but it is password-protected, as is the Final Paper here.


Materials for Hist. 298: History Practicum:

Course syllabus

Topic choice worksheet

Primary source analysis assignment and peer evaluation worksheet

Proposal and bibliography and peer evaluation worksheet

2-minute presentation

Literature review and peer evaluation worksheet

4-minute presentation and rubric

Michael Mello/Omeka Project

Research paper and peer evaluation worksheet

10-minute presentation and rubric

Blog post prompts


Course readings are password-protected:

Blassingame-Using the testimony of ex-slaves

Brundage-Exploring changing interpretations

Cumming-History and business

Howell and Prevenier-Weeks 1 and 2

Howell and Prevenier-Week 3

Howell and Prevenier-Week 4

Furay-Kent State exercise

Lamott-Shitty First Drafts

Lepore-Book of Ages

Merrell-Exactly as they appear

Merrell-I desire all that I have said

Peters and Mergen-Photographs